Qlik Authorized Reseller & Talend Gold Partner DQ Turkey, offers business intelligence solutions and software & consulting services.

DQ Türkiye | Qlik Authorized Reseller | Qlik Sense

DQ Türkiye as Authorized Reseller of Qlik, in Turkey, that has years of experience implementing Business Intelligence systems in large corporate enterprises, across various industries and business functions. Having more than 100 customer references. DQ Türkiye provides all Qlik products and services including technical support, implementations, training and consultancy.

Data Visualization and Data Analysis with Qlik Sense

The Power of Excellence: Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense with the Associative engine at its core, and new augmented intelligence capabilities supporting the user, Qlik Sense helps anyone discover insights that query-based BI tools simply miss, driving data literacy for all skill levels. Freely search and explore across all your data, instantly pivoting your analysis when new ideas surface. Take advantage of machine suggestions and automation powered by the Qlik cognitive engine. And get total flexibility with a multi-cloud data analytics platform that supports the full spectrum of BI use cases – ideal for any analyst, team or global enterprise.


Qlik Sense Nedir?

Why Qlik is Different ?

Experience the Power of Unifying Difference with Qlik Experience the power of associative difference

Goodbye SQL limits with Qlik. Hello unlimited insights.

SQL is not designed for modern analytics, but all other “modern” business intelligence tools use a query-based approach to analysis. This limits predefined linear search within subsets of data. You can explore unlimitedly by simply gathering all your data from Qlik's Unifying engine. We call this "Differential Difference". With Qlik, you call it the strongest competitive advantage in a data-driven world.



Q-Mail is a new generation software that integrates with Qlik Sense & QlikView and sends reports via automatic mail. Q-Mail ensures that the report in PDF, HTML, XLS, etc… formats is sent automatically to the desired users or groups at the specified time, at the specified intervals, within the authorizations limits defined in the Qlik environment.

Definitions such as people and groups to be sent, schedule times, reports to be sent can be simply defined and managed thanks to user-friendly interfaces developed with innovative technologies.


Talend: Modern Data Governance Enhancing Business Value

Talend offers an end-to-end modern data governance platform with extensive capabilities, capable of working with any data environment or framework, reducing risk, and shortening the time to value. It provides a modular solution that can support your data needs at any scale and complexity, helping you enhance business outcomes. Whether it's cloud-based, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, Talend serves as a cloud-agnostic solution that seamlessly operates in your data environment.

Comprehensive Data Governance from End to End

Talend Data Fabric is designed to enable businesses to efficiently perform data integration, data quality control, and other data governance tasks in a single platform with minimal coding requirements, compatible with nearly every data source and data architecture.