13 Aralık 2016

Hello All,

Today I found a new 3rd party reporting tool QlikView / QlikSense . I tried to connect the reporting tool with sap hana and found that it is very easy procedure to connect it with sap hana and do the reporting.

We have to follow some stpes to create ODBC data source and make the successful ODBC connection with sap hana.


1) Before creating an odbc connection, it is required to login in sap hana studio with the particular username and password which is going to make the conenction with odbc.

2) HANA CLIENT should be installed in the system.

STEPS for ODBC Conenction

1) Go to control panel ->Administrative Tools


2) Click on DataSources(ODBC)


3) It will open a popup ODBC DATA source Administrator -> Click on Add button.

It will open to create a new data source. Click on finish.


4) It will open a new popup window where you have to give the details of SAP HANA Description like <IP/hostname>:3$$15 where $$ is instance no.



5) After that press connect button which will ask for the username and password for the particular system. Provide the correct details and connect with the system. It will show you the message of successfully connected.


6) Now Open your Qlik Sense Software and Create new app.

Give the name of the APP


7) Click on Create Button



8) Open the App



9) Add the data



10) Connect the data



11) Select the Provider


12) It should be SAP HANA MDX Provider


13) Provide the User DSN which you created as ODBC connector name.



14) Provide the username and password.



15) Which will open the below query. Select the particular Owner



16) Select the particular tables

17)  Load and Finish with the table.



18) It will show the below message Data was successfully loaded.


19) It will show you the different chart list , start creating your own chart list as per your requirement.



20) Create the bar chart as below and I have also create 2-3 demo chart example for you.










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