Business Intelligence and Reporting Projects for Your Company

Today, Business Intelligence and Reporting systems have become one of the most critical tools companies use to manage their business.

The way to make strategic management is to follow the work plan and the work plan. For this reason, Business Intelligence solutions built on robust systems are the right tools.

Another issue that has become indispensable today is Performance Management. Performance Management should be considered as integrated with strategic planning and evaluated accordingly. For systems capable of integrating strategic plan, business plan, realization and performance management into a single ladder, business intelligence software needs to be able to retrieve data from multiple sources and turn it into information.

Our Business Intelligence and Reporting Services offered in the light of these facts:

Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions Consultancy, ETL & Data Integration (Data Integration) Data Analytics (Business Analytics) Performance Management Systems (KPI & Scorecards) Corporate Reporting Systems (Dashboards, Cockpits), Data Mining (Data Mining) Data Mining, Statistical Prediction and Modeling.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions Consultancy

Applications developed in the right quality and technology provide great added value in the companies where there are situations such as confidentiality, competitive advantage, unique business processes.

Reporting Solutions Consulting Services:

Needs Assessment, Determination of Requirements Technology Selection Analysis & Design Development Test Application & Adaptation Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

Data Management

The fact that an institution has high quality data shows a continuum of disciplinary character rather than a project to be started and completed at once. It is not possible to talk about the efficiency of business intelligence projects that an institution with low data quality is trying to realize by making big investments. Data quality solutions mainly cover the software tools, methodologies and processes necessary to make the data accumulated in the organization accurate, complete and consistent.

Nowadays, every institution is aware that its data is more or less dirty. There are no data entries that are not standardized, information is not entered in some fields, inconsistencies between tables in information entries involving more than one table, or double records / customer deduplication projects, are the requirements for data quality projects. One of the expected results in data quality projects is to reduce data pollution as much as possible.

The starting point for increasing the data quality goes through the Data Profiling phase. Data Profiling can be defined as examining the data, finding the errors, investigating the causes of these errors and their effects, measuring the errors and presenting them in the report and cockpit environments. With Data Profiling, it is possible to track how much the fields in the database are in numerical and percentage terms, the breakdown of different values in the relevant field, or the percentage of data in a table but not in the other table. Meanwhile, end users need to be able to give some rules. For example, a user who can say benim Even if there are 2 different fields in a database, such as Email1 and Email2, only one email address is written, even if the other field is empty, it is the right data for me! U. Such a user should be able to monitor the data quality in a periodic and automated manner by means of proactive methods and automatically send alerts when necessary. For example, if such a warning falls below a limit that can be defined as an institution’s Data Quality Score, it can be implemented as an e-mail to the people concerned. Data Profiling software must be in an organization capable of being used by business-side units or departments responsible for the data. This requires such software tools to have an interface that end-users can use rather than IT.