Cloud-based business process management software

Check-Up enables users to design new business processes, create workflows within these processes, and design online forms within these workflows. It also makes it possible to create certain business process rules / conditions, and model business processes, forms and workflows can be used as templates for different customers.

Check-Up is a cloud-based software system that allows you to query all entries made on the basis of process, workflow, purpose, form types, customer and product group hierarchy, and receive notifications under certain conditions.

Drag Drop

Easily design and manage your business processes without coding.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

Instantly access your data and business processes from anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

Form Creation

Create your own mobile / web forms without writing code. Simple, fast and user-friendly versioning with screens.

Workflow Process Design

Design your own work flow scenarios with drag and drop. E-mail, SMS and notification support.

Task Management

Easily manage your team with task management.

Cloud Support

Reduce your costs with Azure Cloud – Cloud Support. No server installation update and no backup costs.


Active Directory, Outlook integration. Easy and fast integration with existing ERP systems.


Drag Drop Visualize! Qlik Sense Business Intelligence Integration Report your data using Charts.

Management with Check-Up

Check-Up Business Process Management System Software; It can support web, mobile and cloud platforms, and can be used both as an online cloud environment (open cloud) and as on-premise (private cloud).

Thanks to the cloud version, system maintenance costs can be managed at minimum levels and from a central location.

Everywhere Access Anywhere!

Developed with HTML-5 Technology and Responsive Design feature, Check-Up app is available for all kinds of mobile devices like Android, Apple (iOS), i-Pad, i-Phone and mobile compatible smartphones, Notebooks, Desktop PCs via Browser (Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera …) platform can be used independently.

Get rid of Excel!

Easily transfer all of your business processes to Excel. Get ready for digital processes in a very short time.

Check-Up Product Video