Qlikview offers an integrated business intelligence platform that enables end users to monitor enterprise performance in management cockpit and dashboard environments, instant query, report and OLAP analysis. Thanks to this platform, end users can instantly access all the data in QlikView environment and analyze it with point & qlik approach with patented in-memory and associative enginefeatures of the product. The product is so easy to use that it can not be compared with its similarities, and end users can access and analyze the information without any training.


Create business-focused data discovery with highly customizable and tightly managed analysis paths.

Guided Analysis

Beautiful, controlled analytical experiences direct employees to explore insight and make meaningful decisions.


Downstream control of analytical applications, permissions and data management.


Create the tools you need for your organization and your teams.


Integrate QlikView with your business applications and system management software with comprehensive APIs


Provide a set of data and applications for use throughout your organization.

Data Integration

Combine data sources for a complete view of information, centrally managed data and applications enable you to analyze more easily.

The QlikView business intelligence platform provides a business intelligence platform that enables end users to meet their querying, reporting and analysis needs within management cockpit-like displays and applications without the technical knowledge of where the data sources are, where the tables are, and what is the relationship between the tables and fields. End users can access the system on a client-server or 3-tier architecture with the QlikView applications installed on this platform, or via a web browser such as Internet Explorer via Ajaxview or Internet Explorer Plug-in, or iPhone, Blackberry and Android operating system from supporting mobile devices to perform performance and data analysis.

The QlikView business intelligence platform offers a number of components that are more different than today’s business intelligence platform at the technology level and much more suited to today’s conditions. All of these components are contained within a single module and all ETL, Dashboard / Management Cockpit, query, reporting, OLAP analysis needs can be presented to the application developers and end users through the same frontend. On this end, both end users have to learn only one frontend for different needs, and the IT departments that are developing the application are confronted with only one application development environment. This makes both application development and learning processes much faster than traditional business intelligence platforms and eliminates the need for inter-module integration that can be encountered in implementations.

QlikView is the data integration (ETL Engine) from the key components that come to mind in the business intelligence platform and it is used to draw and extract data from different data sources through OLEDB or ODBC and to perform some transformations. While the data is being pulled into the QlikView environment by the ETL engine, QlikView implements a high-compression algorithm on the data set on the one hand. Once the data received in the QlikView environment is compressed, it is converted into a special structure thanks to the Association Engine, a patented technology of QlikView. Thanks to the Association Database or Associative Analysis, the implementation process becomes very fast and the end users have the ability to query, report and analyze using the point & qlik approach instead of drag-and-drop methods.

With the help of QlikView’s visualization engine, it is possible to design screens that allow very useful, visual, interactive and proactive analysis later on the data clusters customized with Association Engine. These screens (documents) are then retrieved into an in-memory database, a patented technology from QlikView, which allows end users to analyze at the level of the data center, even on a data set of hundreds of millions of lines.


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