RapidMiner is a software platform developed for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analysis and business analysis. The software is manufactured by the company with the same name. The software is generally used in business and commercial applications as well as research, training, rapid prototyping and application development. In addition, all the steps of the data mining process are supported by the software, so it is possible to use the software for purposes such as data preparation, visualization of results, verification and optimization. Please contact us for detailed information.

Data Access

Connect to any format on any scale, to any data source.

Data Research

Quickly discover patterns or data quality issues.

Data Mixing

Create the most appropriate data set for estimation analysis.

Data Cleaning

Clean the data expertly for advanced algorithms.


Creates and delivers better models faster.


Predict model performance safely and accurately.

Maximum Data Science Efficiency

  • The visual workflow designer accelerates prototyping and validation of prediction models with predefined links, built-in templates, and repeatable workflows.
  • Rich library of over 1500 machine learning algorithms and functions to create the strongest predictive model possible for any use situation
  • Open and expandable for easy integration with existing applications, data and programming languages ​​such as Python and R
  • Now with Automatic Model: RapidMiner Auto Model uses automated machine learning to accelerate every step in the model building life cycle

Data Access

Connect to any data source, any format on any scale

  • Contains more than 60 file types and formats for structured and unstructured data.
  • Access, install, and remove information from unconfigured data
  • Supports plain text, HTML, PDF, RTF and many more.

Data Research

Powerful statistical reviews to quickly discover and understand your data

  • Displays the property name and type as a graphic.
  • Defines missing values quickly.

Powerful graphics engine offers more than 30 different visualization options

  • Bubble charts and 3D dispersion graphs.
  • Network and tree visualizations and more.

Preparing Data

  • Multiple options for collecting, filtering and sorting data.
  • Feature engineering operators for feature selection, creation and extraction.
  • Identify the best impact factors or create new factors
  • Advanced feature weighting features.
  • Options for new feature generation.

Data Cleaning

Provides a variety of advanced approaches for data cleaning.

  • Identifying and removing duplication
  • Detection and removal of anomaly and contradiction
  • Normalization and standardization
  • Weighting schemes that measure the impact of attributes

Provides advanced dimensional reduction technique,
Own Organization Maps (SOM)


Width of machine learning functions

  • Classification, regression and aggregation techniques.
  • Association mining, frequent product set and similarity calculation.
  • Community and hierarchical models.

Over 100 additional modeling operators

  • Integrate R, Python, and custom scripts seamlessly.
  • Process Control functions.
  • Optimization cycles and branches.


Only visual workflow designer with accurate model verification techniques

  • Pre-processing models.
  • Cross validation and division verification.
  • Visual evaluation techniques.

Reliable performance calculations

  • Accuracy, Sensitivity, Recall, RMSE, AUC and more.
  • Calculation of significance tests.