Enhanced big data with Qlik Sense

Consider an advanced analytics and data discovery tool, Qlik Sense, where every user type in your company can create their own reports with self-service data visualization and access information hidden in large datasets with dynamic indicators.

Qlik Sense
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The Power of Excellence: Qlik Sense

Much more powerful than you can imagine… Easy and fast to use. Reliable and excellent result. Drag – drop, visualize. Moreover, wherever you are, all your data is there with Qlik Sense!

Qlik Sense is BI (business intelligence) software that helps you create customized guided analytics indicators and applications. Qlik Sense enables you to reveal the relationships between different data sources, to create dashboards, and to access hidden information among large data sets with these indicators.

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Self Service Visualization

Qlik Sense is a self-service data visualization and data exploration tool designed for individuals, departments and organizations.
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Excellent Data Sharing

Easily communicate, collaborate and share data to any device with stunning, ready-to-use visuals with Qlik Sense.
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Drag & Drop Feature

Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to create flexible and interactive data visualizations with Qlik Sense.
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Intelligent Interactive Visualization

Get instant interaction and response to changes with out of the box visualization with Qlik Sense.
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Smart Search

Do not navigate complex information while creating your report. Quickly discover your data using smart search with Qlik Sense.
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Qlik Sense Storytelling Feature

Source analysis at any point allows sharing different perspectives with the ability to dive into the past.
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Self-Service Creation

Drag and drop in Qlik Sense to build your own report without complex SQL queries or scripts.
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Responsive Design with All Devices

Where and whenever you want. Access reports from any device. Let your report be visible on all mobile devices.
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Central Management

Find analytics, apps, and stories about Qlik Sense. Share including via hub.
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Customization and Expansion Possibility

Quickly customize with open APIs and developers. Present unique business needs with new apps using Qlik Sense.
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Data Integration with Qlik Sense

Explore your confidential data more easily by combining data sources for a complete view of information without gaps.
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The highest level of security for your data and content on all devices.

Self-Service Visualization and Discovery with Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense provides the ultimate visualization and discovery experience across all HTML5-enabled clients that are intelligent, responsive, and enable anyone to quickly discover information and gain important findings. Qlik Sense is designed to encourage intuitive analysis of the user's experience with data.

Qlik Sense users can ask questions from any point with natural interactions such as freely selecting and searching without any restrictions, sorting or limitations. The Global Smart Search feature allows users to search for keywords across the entire dataset to uncover findings and relationships. Qlik Sense offers new, innovative techniques for adding meaning to data with intelligent visualizations. It has a responsive design feature that automatically adapts information and images according to the screen size. Qlik Sense enables users to trace their own paths through data from different data sources, uncovering findings that may have been overlooked, and seeing hidden spots.

With Qlik Sense, anyone can become a business analyst. With Qlik Sense, no one will have to wait for new reports or report changes anymore. Users will be able to perform drag-and-drop analysis with data, calculations and visuals managed in a centralized structure, without writing complex SQL queries and linking visual objects. They can also quickly load and combine data from multiple sources with Qlik Sense without the need to write code.

Qlik Sense Dashboard
Qlik Sense Cloud

Information and Opinion Sharing

Groups and teams can easily collaborate with Qlik Sense to make better decisions. The central repository provides content feeds for different subject areas and workgroups, allowing people to quickly find the results of their important analysis or share relevant reviews for other people's use. Qlik Sense's Interactive Data Storytelling feature allows people to create and present scenarios and results like stories using their analytics, by accessing the data directly when needed and quickly answering questions about the results.

Qlik Sense is inherently mobile, designed from the ground up for mobility. Users can access all features such as research, review, creation and collaboration from any device. Qlik Sense offers intuitive operations to unified, touch-based HTML5 clients and intelligently adapts responsive design images, data and functionality to create the best possible experience from any device.

Broad Customization and Enterprise Intelligence

With Qlik Sense, organizations can benefit from enterprise capabilities that are not only available in applications that provide visualization solutions. With these enterprise capabilities, they can use all the flexibility of self-service data discovery with Qlik Sense without sacrificing data and user management, data security, and scalability.

Qlik Sense is fully customizable to meet unique business needs, offering a set of open and standard APIs for building rich analytical applications, incorporating needed images into existing solutions, and enhancing Qlik Sense functionality for new image and object types. It also offers data integration that allows organizations to clean, transform and combine multiple different data sources without the need for different applications or data storage tools.

The Qlik Management Console (QMC) provides the ability to manage and monitor all Qlik Sense components from a central point. It helps to ensure consistency and accuracy of data and analytics across the organization by providing centralized libraries that are centralized, flexible rules, private and managed with strong protection in accordance with the security model. Qlik Sense is designed using a flexible scaling architecture that enables seamless deployment and deployment across locations. In addition, thanks to the QIX engine at its core, Qlik Sense provides high-speed dynamic computing and performance by scaling large numbers of concurrent users and large datasets.

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Qlik Sense Sales Performance Analysis / Qlik Sense Demo

The road to smart agriculture passes through business intelligence

Anadolu Etap implemented business intelligence solutions together with DQ Turkey. Qlik Sense has become the most important solution to become a “company managed with traceable and measurable data”.

Qlik Sense Anadolu Etap
Ahmet Elgin, IT Manager Anadolu Etap

Paynet brought together all of its reports from Qlik Sense and its Ecosystem on a single platform.

With the project realized with DQ Turkey, support was provided for the detection of suspicious transactions, the sharing of reports at the level of business partners and dealers, and the rapid decision-making of the senior management.

Qlik Sense Anadolu Etap
Gökhan Öztorun, Paynet Deputy General Manager

“With Qlik Sense, we can make quick decisions by accessing information at any time”

“Egebant can make critical business decisions by quickly accessing the processed and analyzed data with Qlik Sense.”

Qlik Sense Anadolu Etap
İsmail Hatipoğlu, Board Member, Egebant