Why is Qlik so Different?

Goodbye SQL Limits.
Hello limitless insights.

SQL was not designed for modern analytics, yet all other “modern” BI tools use a query-based approach to analysis. This limits you to predefined, linear exploration within subsets of data. Only Qlik’s Associative engine brings together all your data so you can explore without limits. We call this the Associative Difference™. You’ll call it the most powerful competitive advantage in a data-driven world.

Explore without boundaries

Search and explore across all your data in any direction with no pre-aggregated data or predefined queries to hold you back. Quickly probe for insight with interactive selections and global search, and instantly pivot your thinking based on what you see. Take away the limits from your analytics.

All your data. Seriously.

Easily combine all your data sources, no matter how many, how large, or how imperfect. Qlik’s Associative engine indexes all data relationships with no data left behind and no need to fully clean and model data in advance. It’s all available and ready to be explored.

Insights as fast as you can think

Powerful, on-the-fly calculation and aggregation instantly updates all analytics with each click. Critical thinking is no longer derailed by slow queries or ongoing data preparation needs. This lets analysis move at the speed of thought, even with massive numbers of users and complex data sets.

Experience the power of the Associative Difference


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