Create your own Qlik Mashup with Q-Mash

Q-Mash allows you to easily create unique mashups with ready-made design options in a self-service manner.

Thanks to the ready-made templates with Q-Mash, you can quickly design great mashups with the visuals you want, with user-friendly interfaces, and rearrange them whenever you want.

No Code Platform

You can easily develop web applications with drag and drop without the need for coding knowledge.

Drag & Drop

Just drag and drop with app development based on visual enhancement.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Make your visuals perfect by choosing any of the ready-made templates.

Data Visualization Library

Ability to draw and customize Qlik objects with different library options.

Qlik Sense security and management infrastructure

All management and security infrastructure with Qlik Sense assurance.

Menus and Special Selections

Instead of a standard single page mashup, you can create a mashup with multiple pages and menu transitions.

Data Filtering

Advanced data filtering possibilities.

Compatible with All Devices

Where and whenever you want. Access your dashboards from any device.

Qlik Extensions Support

Customized Qlik integrated extension and compatible for your apps.

Ease of Editing

You can edit your Mashups that you have created before, whenever you want, and change their content.

Q-Mash Video